Hey i have a problem that i thout that you moght be able to fix.

The link www.webmasterglobal.com which is my site is unviewable on my computer i cant see it in my browser on my computer. But the link works on other computers but mine.

What might be the problem.

I thought that the site was down so i emailed my host telling them my site was down but i got a reply saying the site is fine so then i tried and tried again deleting temps, cookies, scanning for adware/spyware and the link still doesnt work.

So is there a probem with my browser IE 6 sp1

but also a few says ago i couldent see any sites without pressing refresh.

e.g. 1.typed url google.com
2.message site unavailable
3.press refresh
4.site appears


I have had thks issue for a month. I have paid experts with no results.
My computer is not slow at all and virus scans find nothing, along with experts who find nothing wrong yet, I can view any other web page EXCEPT for Paypal.com
I/we have tried everything we can think of changing internet options, firewall settings, etc. I will tell you I was able to view paypal before but after receiving spoof email, that I thought was paypaAL, I can no longer get to this web page. Another computer expert says that I have a slow moving virus but nothing was found withy scans. I ahve contacted HP, paypal comcast, etc. What can I do now?