Hi, I have one contact that does not receive my emails through Outlook Express and she uses Hotmail but I receive hers. The problem started when I switched to Internet Explorer 7.0 Every other contact gets my emails and I sent myself a test and I received it also. All my messages are showing in SENT so where are they going? Thanks for any help, this is really bothering me.:confused:

Check to make sure the e-mail addy is put in correct. If everybody but else is receiving theirs but her either she has you blocked or you may be putting in the e-mail wrong.has she changed her e-mail addy. switching to IE 7 would not cause this because if it did the others would not get theirs either.

Thanks for your reply and no she has not change her address and yes I typed it right. Thanks anyway.

Hotmail is one of the bubonic blockers.

If anyone reports an email from an ISP as malware spam, even if the address is spoofed, Hotmail, AOL, and some others block all incoming material from that ISP. All the reporting person has to do is click a report link.

It stays that way until someone reports that they can;t get email from that ISP. Then it stays fixed until someone gets spam spoofed up to be from that ISP.

Yahoo used to do this, but now gives people control over their own email functions.