<New member, 63, been around computers since the Ti/Sinclair 1000. not a true techie> so here goes. I have a unit with a C & D drive, The C drive (5 Gig) has 98se and the D drive (3 Gig) has XP Pro installed in them. The time comes when the Software is superceded by newer versions. I am finally not using 98 for anything. I want to use the drive for Program and Storage drive for the memory hungry XP and its associated software requirements. ??? is it possible to make D drive the C:(xp boot) drive and then use the other as D:(data) after Formating :cool:

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The precess is called cloning. Here is a guide: http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=418

As you can see, the processes is rather time consuming. In my opinion, you would be better off copying the files you need, which cannot be replaced, from your C to D drive. Then format C and install WinXP. Install D as a slave and boot your machine. Copy the files (from D) to C and then format D and use it for storage.


I had hoped there was a way to make D: master C: slave and then through some repair utility on XP to reset/repair the start up.
I have had this XP Pro for 3 years without crashing or losing data. The personal data can be put and is on CD's. I am on dial up and to load a new copy onto C: I would have to put up with up to four days for it to update to this point. But if thats allI can do, I just have to bite the bullet. I do appreciate your reply and the link.

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