This is urgent please help!

I have the problem with the trust that we setup for our AD forests, I got the error message when I try to validate the trust;
"The trust cannot be validated for the following reasons.
The secure channel (sc) reset on domain controller \\test.ny.us.com of domain ny.us.com to domain us.com failed with error: they are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request."
1, The 2 domain listed above are in different forests they are not related at all,
Under the us.com I was being able to create the 2 way trusts but got error when I try to validate the trust (The account I use to validate the trust does have all the administrative rights for the ny.us.com).
2. I was unable to create the 2 way trust when I'm on the ny.us.com AD system, I only have the realm trust vailable to pick to create the trust with us.com.
**Even though I already Raise the Domain Functional Level to 2003 server already but I didn't get the option External Domain Trust or Forest Trust. I still get the Realm or the Domain Trust.**
Please help,


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