I cannot run javascript on Windows XP Home. I've got rid of pop-up blockers and adware stuff. i've checked and re-checked settings in IE but it still will not run javascript on my machine. However, it will do this if I am surfing the web. Why won't my machine allow me to do this with stuff on my hard drive?

How do you know JavaScript isnt workking?

there is a huge difference between Javascript and Java

If java applents are not working you need to go and download java from their website.

I know it's javascript not working because it's a javascript applet with <script> at the start and end. It works fine in netscape but doesn't even show on the page in IE6.
Other strange things happening are that I cannot test an html form in IE6. If I click on a Send button, for instance, I get an error message saying my current security settings do not allow me to do this. Yet I have checked and re-checked such settings. SImilarly, iwhen using Help files, I often am unable to click on an underlined lnk and get it to display the 'flyout' info.