Today I found on this site today that a member had a problem just like mine in 2005, with IE's address bar not working properly. I am having the same problem, and have had since Nov. Every "tech support" paid service I have tried can't solve my problem. I am now also having a problem with Windows Explorer too.

IE takes up to 2 minutes to find and load a page if I only type the www.~~.com in the address bar, but if I type the entire address, including the http://www.~~.com then IE brings the page up immediately.

Windows Explorer takes about 20-60 seconds to load a list of my drives and files anytime I click the dropdown arrow to navigate to a different area (like to save a file to desktop instead of in my docs.)

For now, this forum is my last hope, as the paid "tech support" I have used have instructed me to restore my computer to factory defaults, which I obviously hate to do...

Can anyone help? Please...

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did you install any updates or install any software prior to having this problem?


Hmm. Could be either spyware or a hard drive going bad.

IE -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Enable Third Party Addons (uncheck this fella)

It may or may not help.

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