I have napster on my computer, and have a fairly large collection of songs- music is the primary use of my computer. Recently, my computer began using 100% cpu when windows media player was running. Songs would stutter and programs freeze. If i go to task manager, windows media player was using more than 150,000 k of memory - much more than ever before. Completely up to date with WinUpdate, virus scanned and spyware scanned. So i reformatted completely, ie. delete all partitions, slow format, clean install of XP Pro. And i still have the problem, with a clean slate. Also, in the task manager, it lists which processor the process is running on. I remember I only used to see "00" "01" and "02", but im probably wrong. Now, wmplayer.exe, as well as a few other processes have random 2-digit numbers in this column, changing about once a second. Geting very frustrated that my computer can't even play a 128k mp3! Any Suggestions GREATLY appreciated. (Tried msconfig, virusscan, spyware scan, reformat, windows update, update all drivers.)

Dell Dimension 8300
P4 3.2 HT
1024 meg ram
SB audigy 2 ZS
ATI radeon 9800 xt

latest drivers for all of above

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Have you got that PC connected to Broadband by any chance? The connection 'live' while you're performing the format/install? Perhaps even a static ip?

If that's the case, I'd consider rebooting the modem to get a new ip, or getting a new ip assigned. It sounds like you're a target for a trojan, and it's finding you quite easily.


At home I am on cable internet, but behind a Linksys wireless router, and the cable modem has a dynamic IP. ALso , during reconfig, the wireless adapter was unplugged. But here at my camp, I use MSN dialup, and experience the same problem.

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