Alright I am using Windows XP, what service pack i am not sure because I can't get in to my computer. ustom built machine, last 2 programs I tried to install was MVPBaseball 2004 and a Fantasy Football program. Problem just occured yesterday and as never occured before.
So I turn it on, then it asks me wether I want to start in Safe Mode/Safe Mode w Networking/Safe Mode w Command Prompt/Regular Windows. If I choose Reg 'Dows it goes through scandisk, once it's finished a dot appears on the bottom of screen then it freezes. If I skip scan disk, it freezes. If I go to ANY of the safe modes, it starts loading drivers, then freezes.
And now I did leave it over night in scan disk and it is now frozen at the windows startup screen, with the blue backdrop and it says Windows XP on the screen. Anybody got any idea's as to what's wrong?!
Thanks in advance...

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Start in Safe mode, uninstall your display card, reboot and reinstall it. If that doesn;t work try again, only next time reinstall your motherboard drivers and then your display card.

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