Using "ISO Buster" toto extract files off of oem discand when I tried to install the these error messages came up.
Error 2 running c:\hp\bin\hpbi
Can't create output file: c:\hp\tmp\Blue|AP\HPHelp.reg
What do they mean and is there thing that I can do to correct them?
Sys: HP pavilion 752n
OS: windows w\sp2

There was an error with the output files while creating them.

What files are you trying to extract from the OEM Disc.most of the files you may be able to go to HP's web site and download for your PC.

I'm tring to extract the drivers for the intel82801DB controller. Read a white paper on that chip on the intel site and appanently they had a fairly high failure rate on these chips so now you can't get the driver from them.I'mfairly sure that it is on those disc that HP sent me but when I try to load those to the computer it give me " These recovery disc aren't for this computer". I really DON'T know what I'm looking for on those disc, just giving it a try. This chip controlls the primary and secondary IDE bus'.Neither the cd burner nor the dvd rom works on this machine at this time.
Don't know I'm tring to get this machine up, should have the parts for my new machine this week, and if all goes well, I'll be on it by next weekend. this is just something to do till that comes in.