Windows XP SP1
Dell Inspiron 1100
Last few programs are Spyware Guard, Spybot, Ad-Aware, Microsoft Office XP, Norton Internet Security, Chapura, Palm Desktop.

I reformatted my hard drive this weekend. I am working through some other problems in the Security forum.

I reinstalled Outlook, and then i installed the updates yesterday with SP3. Since I have done the update, it now alerts me that aprogram is trying to access my Outlook contacts information (which I assume is Hotmail). I purchased the Hotmail account so that I could sync between Hotmail and my Outlook. Now, after I get the alert, it pops up four or five times, and I click ok repeatedly. Then, it will pop up again, and then Outlook will lock up.

I have to ctrl-alt-del for task manager so that I can exit out of Outlook.

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there should be an option to allow access for 5 mins, that is how it is in outlook 2003 and i remember outlook xp being the same.

outlook xp is not overly stable... i know its not a great answer.. but if u can upgrade to outlook 2003 its sooooooooooo much better for a whole host of reasons.

i can vouch that the hotmail intergration is seemless (im on msn premium - and its pretty good)

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