Hey all. I can run aero on my vista and I thought it was great. Then I initialized the guest account and run aero on that account as well. The first thing I noticed on the guest account was the fact that windows are dynamic (shrinking before disappearing, moving dynamically onto taskbar when minimized, etc) and I wondered why I never noticed that before. Back to my admin account, I noticed then that the Dynamic Windows feature does not apply although every other feature of Aero is present. Any ideas why the Dynamic Windows feature is missing in my admin account?

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Uhm you can try that setting inside the system properties dialog under the Advanced tab, theres a performance button, when you click a visual effects dialog open. See if checking any of those settings will help.


Oh, thank you. :'( I'm so filled with joy. Lolz. I didn't know of such performance settings window before. Funny though, the animate windows when min/max/closing was checked yet there was no animations. I unchecked and checked it again then there was animation. :-/

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