Hi Every1

I'm havin Windows XP with 512MB
RAM, AMD athlon Processor (1Ghz).
My System freezes very often and
then when i press CTRL+ALT+DEL,
It comes back. I'm havin NOD32
Anti-Virus and AD-Aware Anti Malware.
I scanned my system And its clean. But
I dont know why computer freezes very often.
Plz help me, My computer was fine 2 Weeks ago.
I installed some Tweak for internet
optimization,It replaced one of my windows protected file.
But when i checked it using the in-built Windows system file
checker (sfc.exe), It didn't say anything. another problem of mine is when i shut down
my system the computer takes nearly one minute to display the shut down options, but sometimes
the options appear immediately. What can I do to Solve this Problem ?


Could be Memory or power supply.do you have access to another stick of memory and powersupply?

Here's a site with some directions on some tweats you may be interested in. PCStats.com, I've used their shutdown tweats on the other machine we have for shutting down quicker . It has good intail directions on this.

Hi TT4 Titan
I don have access to another memory stick but i do hav to another power supply, I'll try it then. Thanks

Hi dewabo
the site was really useful, I haven't tried any of their tweaks yet, i think i'll give it a try..

glad to be of help, and you are so right about this site. There is more wisdom here than you can shake a stick at. Most everyone here add a bit of help every now and then, even you.