Hi i recently had the Teekids virus on one of the computers i manage. I used the laster stinger.exe to clear the virus and cleared system restore. However i have just notice that there is a TeeKids.exe-0403291C.pf file in the prefetch directory. I have read up on the prefetch directory and found that it like a cache for frequently used programs. However what is unclear is is the file in the prefetch directory a complete file i.e the virus it-self or is like and index file (meaning it harmless.)

Any help would be great.

No, it cannot be used by a virus to attack your computer, unless the virus wrote a file in there [NOT a .pf file] and then called it from some other location. If a virus process or a trojan once ran then xp would create a prefetch file for it so that next time it was run it would load more quickly! Heh. But the .pf file on its own is benign. If you feel uncomfortable about it you can just delete that file.....

Thanks Gerbil

That is exactly what i wanted to clarify. I informed this to the user but just wanted a second opinion