I've been having problems with Hotmail and MSN. First: my MSN keeps changing my screen name from 'whatever' back to 'dlbell00@hotmail.com' - when I change it back, it will go back to the e-mail addy name the next day! Then: my Hotmail won't even load up. It just gives a white page with nothing on it. I've cleaned my comp. out - and still nothing. Now: MSN is playing yet another game today and deleted all my contacts from my buddy list!!!

Can anyone help me? I'm using Windows XP Pro. and I'm unable to install my McAffe anti-virus so I don't have a firewall anymore. My AVG is crap and hardly ever works, plus I can't update to service pack 2!


Well, this isn't going to be much help... With the MSN messenger prob you obviously have some kind of worm that is hijacking your screen name and deleting your buddy list. I can't find any mention of this problem anywhere online (including the Anit-virus sites). There are a lot of AOL IM worms that do similar things. Unfortunately, the best (probably the only) solution is to reformat and reinstall XP fresh.
Somtimes probs with Hotmail can be fixed by deleting your "Temporary Internet Files" from within IE.

Good luck,

I ended up being able to update to service pack 2, but when it was done it had deleted my modem. Then I uninstalled it, and it was back. Now MSN is saying I'm unable to sign in. I have a XP backup disk, but I think I'm just gonna have a friend put my ME back on here. I've never had this much trouble in my life, LOL.