Can anyone help, Ive been at this problem all week!! Installed new hard drive , modum , cant adjust screen area 640x480 16 color . I restart pc pop up says cant used the display settings u choose , Ive tried to remove monitor and restert thinking it would detect and reset , same thing, oh spks dont work either , and cant open yahoo messenger , went to compaq website , didnt seen any drivers listed as to what i might need , went to microsft , loaded a few windows 98 se drivers just hoping to get lucky , nudda same thing . Is this a driver missing problem ? if so any ideas what i should be looking for ?outlook express works , have checked and rechecked connections, ... what are chip sets , and where do I find what I have on this machine ? and i cant reload my burner , gets back to the screen display size , same with web cam , Im trying to include as much info as I know using new HD as master , removed jumper as instructions said , new modum works fine , cd rome reads , floppy reads , ???
Thanks for any info!

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Your driver download site has been provided in your original topic. I'll close this one, to save confusion

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