My pc has developed a error that means it will not start up. On pressing the on button, I can hear its drives running etc but it will not move past the Intel Pentium IV screen. I can't even start in safe mode as it literraly only shows the initial screen. Has anybody got any ideas what is going on here? The wife was using the pc and was trying to download from her phone memory card when it all went pear-shaped.




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Has your computer had a virus recently?
And have you taken the computer apart for any reason?
OR have you dropped the machine, knocked it over, that sort of thing?

If you are comfortable with opening the computer you could try taking out all the hardware, leaving only the power supply and mother board in the case. Then replace your video card and the minimum ammount of ram for your OS. Then try to power on your PC. This will rule out problems with some of your hardware. I have also seen bad RAM keep a PC from booting.

Just some suggestions.

Hope you don't have to replace any expensive hardware.

The culprit is most probably bad RAM. You could try cleaning it up. Or probably a loose connection. But make sure that you DO NOT boot the computer until you know the RAM is in place and the notches secured (that is if you're gonna take out your RAM in the first place)

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