I really need some help. yesterday I shut down my computer , then i turned it on this mornng and i needed a password to log on . I bought the computer form a friend. The computer is set as compaq armada administrator. I have no idea and neither does my friend what the password is. Is there a default or master password that i can use to log on then change the password??

Restart your system and try tapping F8 key in your keyboard before windows splash screen. With the arrow keys select safe mode and hit enter. This will directly log you in. Go to Control Panel-> User Accounts remove or change the password.

I tried that and it still comes back to the log on screen. heres the thing its never asked me for a password before to get on the computer. Ill try again but if that doesnt work what do i do then. ??

on the main board ie motherboard you should fine a small battery, remove this battery for about a minute and then put it back in, mine you to remember just how it was in there to start with, what this will do is reset your bios to it's default setting and remove any passwords.Please turn off the computer and unplug it before opening the case and before you touch that battery touch the case and discharge any esd that you may have.Static electricity kills motherboards!

if you can use a bootup floppy and get into command prompt type in what's ive given below. This should help you in removing your password. Or Dewabo idea will suffice.

In command prompt:

[type] net(space)user(press enter)
[type] net(space)user(space)[windowsloginid](sp ace)*(press enter)

// for e.g. : net user Shaswat *(press enter)

[type] new password (press enter) and retype it (press enter).. it will show you confirmation... // caution it wont show you the password you type.. its all hiden.. the blinking pointer will b there at the same place.. but it still works..
// You get a final message somewhat like this ->. : password changed successfully.