Hey Guys, I am still in a thinking stage and will like to learn from your experience, and was wondering if any of you folks have a hybrid environment i.e. Linux and Proprietary systems and what kind of issues do you run into. And also, what pieces of technology you have - which are open source and which ones you have are proprietary and any changes you anticipate 1 year out. Greatly appreciate your help. - John Smith

We are in a situation where I work where our base infrastructure is specified by our parent company. We have to run a Windows 2003 Active directory domain, Exchange servers, and Windows XP workstations (With some Macs for the artists and myself.)

There is still some flexibility because I was able to go with VMWare's VI3 for a fully virtualized environment and use RHEL for our web servers and OpenBSD for DNS. The systems are pretty separate in nature so it doesn't cause any problems. It would be different if we were joining RHEL desktops to an Active Directory domain or Windows desktops to a Linux servers with directory services. Not that either of those can't be done, it just takes a little more work.

My policy at work is to use what we have to, then choose the best for the rest. What ideas are you thinking about?