When I start my computer windows media player opens and it has never done that befor. Also I recieve a program not responing message when I attempt to close it. After I get it closed I don't think I have any problems. How do I stop it from trying to open at startup?


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Hello Trey,

In your Start menu-->programs-->startup is windows media player located there?


no, that's not what I meant.

Click on start

go to programs

search for a map called "startup"

What is the contents of this map?

Otherwise you might have some stuff on your computer which should not be there. Try running Ad-Aware6.0(click here)and update it with the [check for updates now] button. Then click the Start button on the lower right of the program and then next and let it scan. If afterwards it found some Adware, click the right-mouse button on one of the found files and click [select all]. Then click Next again and Say [OK] to "** objects will be removed. Continue?" message.


I too am having the same problem on a friend's computer. Windows Media player automatically starts when windows starts and then when you close it it gives you an error but then it closes and everything seems to work fine. NO it is not listed in Start--Programs--Start folder. I also have tried msconfig to see if I could disable it there but can't seem to find anything that I think is related to "Media Player".
Please help!

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