elo guys,

my pc doesn't turn on anymore,

i don't know what is the cause... last week it was working properly. I try to turn on my pc there is no respond on the monitor, i has no error beeps also. there are only lights on the front panel of the system unit but there is no image on the monitor.

I have already check the cables and it is firmly attached. I have also tried to use the monitor at other pc and it is also working. I have tried to clean my system unit and even the memory...

what is seem to be the problem plss help me..

i have 3 pc already that have problems like that....

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3 pcs with this same problem? Are these custom built? hmm.. are you certain that the lights are coming on, and the hard drive is functioning properly? Make sure that the monitor actually is connected to the computer. If you have an adaptor for the monitor, then reseat it. If your video is integrated, then the problem is probably the motherboard.. What EXACTLY did you do before this problem occurred?


I've found out one instance that cause this problem. that is the power supply had been damage because of the high voltage given by the generator, what i did was to replace my old malfunctioning power supply and it works my pc is now working properly...

however, some of my pc have the same problem, the system unit turns on, the monitor is properly connected, there are no sound beeps when i turn it on. the power supply is working good, i have also tested the memory on other pc and its fine also.

i think your right it could be my board,
but what is the cause..
does overheat is the reason, is the motherboard had been overheated or the processor... pls help

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