I don't know maybe i'll get more help here. Seems like my problem is not interesting enough for some.

i'm in the process of changing to WINXP SP2 because i haven't used this Comp in a long time. i just wanted to clean my system of infections first and then back it up.

So far i ran A-squared in safe mode and i'm about to run spybot Search and Destroy in safe mode but i want to do something about the error message i keep getting when i start Win XP it

says: Error loading c:\WINNT\System31\ypyovicr.dll . It says this DLL could not be found.

I did delete some infected files in the past so that might have something to do with it.

And also when i go in safe mode the SCREEN is so HUGE!! i can't even see the full display of a menu screen to select some options.
Is there a way to fix this?

And if by chance someone know where i can get Windows Backup Utility so i can back up my system before installing Win XP SP2 Please let me know.
Thanks i really appreciate it.

I just found recently that if i'm installing WIN XP SP2 that Norton & Zone alarm are going to be a problem. See below.

Norton AntiVirus 2003 Symantec 32-bit and 64-bit (NX) http://www.symantec.com (http://www.symantec.com)At system startup, Scheduled Tasks in Norton AntiVirus 2003 does not automatically scan.

ZoneAlarm 3.7 Zone Labs 64-bit (NX) http://www.zonelabs.com (http://www.zonelabs.com) If you install this program, you receive a "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" error every time your computer starts. ZoneAlarm 4 Zone Labs 64-bit (NX) http://www.zonelabs.com (http://www.zonelabs.com) If you install this program, you receive a Stop error every time your computer starts. ZoneAlarm 4.5x Zone Labs 64-bit (NX) http://www.zonelabs.com (http://www.zonelabs.com) This program does not install. If you try to install it, you receive an "8e" Stop error every time your computer starts. ZoneAlarm 5.0.590 Zone Labs 32-bit and 64-bit (NX) http://www.zonelabs.com (http://www.zonelabs.com) When you try to remove ZoneAlarm, you receive a Stop error message or your computer restarts before the uninstall program finishes.

Well deleting files in the windows folder (especially system 31/32 folders) causes those errors ~ fix it by reinstalling windows

To my knowledge there is no way of making the SAFE mode screen any bigger (that's why its safe)

If you want to back up documents, personal files etc, just save it to a dvd or an external harddrive ~ then copy it back later

the other antivirus issues i dont know about sorry for my ignorance ~ but Norton isnt the best antivirus (RAM sucker).

Hope that helps in some way

First off...use only one anti virus at a time, they do not play well together, especially snorton.

With the combination of infections and missing files I would suggest wiping, not a format, the hdd and reinstalling the OS. You can download WipeDrive for this purpose. If you still have infections and can't get rid of them don't bother backing up your files as you may transfer those infections to the fresh installation. A format will only remove the address of the files, wiping the drive over writes it completely.

There are free anti virus softwares out there that a lot more user friendly like AVG, try it...you'll like it.

Error loading c:\WINNT\System31\ypyovicr.dll . It says this DLL could not be found. -this comes from a registry entry pointing to a malware file which is not there. When you install XP SP2 that reg entry will be gone too. Win backup is on your XP-sp2 disk - just insert it to play, not boot from it, go to additional tasks, browse to find ntbackup.msi, dclick it and it will install.
But do what dcc suggests, copy off important DATA files to a backup medium and then wipe or do a full format of your hd, and install away.
Zonelabs free works fine with sp2 - i use it, never a problem. There are others. A great virus scan is Panda's online version. Actually installing a new OS will write in a new registry and that coupled witha format will make any virus files remnant so broken that they could not be salvaged by anything. Likewise any genuine apps. May i give a hint? put XP into its own partition, say 8GB, and all your data and 3rd party apps in other partitions...

I can't understand what problem you're having right now?? A missing dll is not a problem as it can be removed by running msconfig or hijackthis [if it was created by a malware]

If you want to backup your Windows settings, then you should use Windows XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.

Most of the people prefer AVG or AVAST as they are free and pretty good. I personally prefer NOD32. It's always up to you to choose an antivirus to your satisfaction.

Thank you all for your help. I want to Wipe my Comp because from what you guys say that's better than reformatting. And i will change my Antivirus program to maybe AVG, but i used it before and it's sure does slow my comp and internet down. Maybe if you guys know of something just as good but not so much of a "RAM sucker" i'd appreciate it.

Here's a technical question: Will turning off System Restore get rid of the viruses? or will they keep coming back.

And I made a mistake of lending a friend of mine my WIN XP CD and now he can't find it. Where can i get another and how much is it gonna cost me?


P.S by the way as if you didn't already know i need WIN XP SP2, SP1 sucks bigtime.

you did already mention SP2. Any install disk, M$ or OEM, will do so just borrow one, but you'll find that your numbers will be the thing. Did your friend "borrow" those? If so, it's either a fight :pow to get them back or $100 more to M$... :'(.
System restore. The virus[es] may be in there as well, but first you clear the OS of them and then tip out sysres. To do that you turn it off, then right back on. And cos you were clean, you immed make a nice, fresh, clean restore point. Tell us who wins over the windows xp reg numbers.

Awww.., no :pow smiley... :(

Does anyone here know if the shareware Wipedrive gives you a full copy to use of are some of the functions disabled?

And if some of the functions are disabled where can i get a program that does the same job but free?


The link that I provided should provide you with a download that you will be able to transfer to a CD and boot from it. You may need to go into the BIOS and make you CD-ROM the first boot device.

This should be all you need to wipe the hdd.

Not much to do with the above, but AVG AS has a neat shredder under tools... files, folders, volumes.
I put this up cos I get the feeling that few ppl explore the software they have, instead dive out n get a specialised tool.. - it is NOT a drive wiper such as dcc's cos it needs the OS.