i also also experiencing this problem of unable to login to my messager and get into the hotmail website. when i try to access to the website it shows this "http://ww2.instafinder.com/error2.asp?err=dns&url=hotmail.com" in the address bar, the website is not detected the website.

as for my messager, it say it is not able to sign me in at the moment and ask me to try again later. i try doing the troubleshooting but it say connection and program is okay.

both problems has been 2 days already. i try sereval methods mentioned in this thread. like using the "regsvr32 wintrust.dll" at the run. turn off my firewall to do the connection. reset my DNS y keying the ipconfig. but still the same. i am still unable to connect.

can anyone help??? please...... :sad:

YES YES YES!!!!!!! I had exactly the problems described,, for the last 4 months I had given up EVER getting back on line using the msn browser! I cut and pasted ('regsvr32 softpub.dll' )_ and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had had about enough of the mozilla fire fox as it only let me do somethings and not others, I dearly missed my fav's and all!
Thank you soooooooooooooooo MUCH!
Lizz T

This is to Matt if your out there THANKYOU ADD mE TO YOUR LIST OF SAVES


I can login to hotmail; however, once I get into my email account, I cannot open my emails. I have to refresh each time in order to see the next hotmail message. The type/font also appears larger every other time the email opens (again, until I refresh). Any ideas?

Thank you,

I could not get into my HOTMAIL for days. I tried all of the suggestions at this website, to no avail. I could get to any other site, though.

Finally, I connected my ethernet cable directly to my cable modem, and I could get to HOTMAIL. I reset my router, and everything is back to normal.

Everytime i try to log into MSN it says:
"Signing in to MSN Messenger failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. 80096001"
Hotmail also has problems. When i log in it comes up with "page cannot be displayed".

I'm able to log on to MSN and hotmail on my frends pc, so i know its my pc that has something wrong.

I've tried deleting cookies, checked security options, reinstalled MSN, registered dll. files (regsvr32 softpub.dll) and i know its not my router cos my dads work pc (which is in network) has no problems.

Wat do i do? This is driving me crazy! :sad:

My problem was my routers firewall was filtering cookies, java and activex. After switching that off, it works fine.

Cuddlez, please don't "piggyback" along on other threads. Start a thread of your own.


i have the same problem login into my hotmail account,the massage i recieve is that i have not login from this location before how do over come this issue.

I would like to

has the older format gone?

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