Friend has a laptop that has Windows XP, but someone put in a new hardrive and every since she can't get the computer to come up. I'm not a tech kinda guy, but she wanted me to mess with it. When it comes up, I have to hit enter when to boot. When it comes up, it's an operating system called "auditor" or something. It's set as the default. I can switch it to windows in the startup, and it opens Windows NT. Apparenty it doesn't have XP anymore. I was wondering if I could burn my Windows folder on a DVD and put it on hers. Would that work? Or is her only option to purchase XP or Vista? She's at the point where she would rather buy a new laptop before spending a lot on this one. Thanks in advance!

well as you replaced your HDD, its not recommended to copy the windows xp from the other drive. Copying would still not resolve this issue as the boot record will not change. You have to make lot of tweaks to make it work. And i would suggest you to go for a fresh XP install from a bootable CD.