aug 4th 2004

ref: I E 6 - "file/save as" menu does not save pages correctly on my local disk

on last May I was obliged to reformat the HD and reinstall everything ;

since then I noticed that I cannot save correctly the web pages on my local disk ;

as I employ "file/save as" to save pages , only the html file is saved but the folders - for the images ,css,jclasses,flash swfs files ,etc - are not created ;

as far as I can remember I´ve never had this trouble before and I´ve never configured anything for the browser to "capture" pages properly ;

Can someone gimme a hint on how to solve that ???



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Are you choosing - Web Page, Complete(*htm,*html) - under Save As.

Are you choosing - Web Page, Complete(*htm,*html) - under Save As.

august 5th 2004
Hi JR8
I choose *htm,*html (and not txt) , It saves the htm but it does not create any folder ;
Any hint ???

As per microsoft instructions at : (
"To save all of the files needed to display this page, including graphics, frames, and style sheets, click Web Page, complete. This option saves each file in its original format."

............. I haven´t got this option : Web Page, complete , on the "Save as" drop down menu it comes up only html (*htm,*html) which saves plain html but not the pictures , css , sounds , etc , or text file ;
Since the browser was hijacked months ago it hasn´t been the same ;
I think something has been changed in the register ;
Do I reinstall IE6 ?

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