Well, not wild but missing!

I recently moved a big chunk of files from my C-Drive to a portable HD. Everything went well. I checked the files and they were there and accessible. Turned off the PC at the end of the day. Came back next morning, those files were no where to be found. Eveyrthing else was there except for those newly moved files.

I can view these folder/files in R-Studio (a file recovery program) and they are not marked as "deleted". They are just not showing up in my Windows XP Pro Explorer and I cannot access them by typing in the path of the folder. All I get is a message telling me the folder/directory cannot be found. What could have caused this to happen in the first place? Any way to reverse the damage without going thru a third-party software?

Any input would be helpful.


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Hi TT4Titans and MidiMagic,
Thank you for your replies. I did both of your suggestions the first thing when the files/folder went missing and they didn't do the trick.

I can see the files are still there and are taking up HD space. Like I mentioned before, I can see the files using thrid-party file recovery software but cannot see/access them under Windows Explorer.


Yes. And I have been using that drive for quite some time now. I was even able to access those files from that drive right after I moved them over.

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