I use XP. When I insert CD/DVD into any of the drives the system hangs - It seems that system waits for some data from this recently inserted CDs/DVDs, because after about 15~20 seconds everything is ok again - this time is necesary for system to get access to CD/DVD disc. How to turn this 'waiting' off? There is no logical reason why system should stop working for a while when disk is inserted...

Thanks in adv

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Here are few things to check.
1.) Try each drive individually as master (with nothing on the slave) just to make sure the hardware is still working properly. Note: Do this only if you are comfortable with H/W)
2.) Consider updating the motherboard drivers, and/or moving the new burner to a different pc temporarily to see if the fault follows it.
3.) Make sure UMDA is disabled for the cdrom drives.
4.) It Could be a Jumper setting problem too. Mean the way these H/W's are connected to the IDE Cables


The only thing was UMDA turned on, but why is it a problem? Wikipedia says: "Computers that have DMA channels can transfer data to and from devices with much less CPU overhead than computers without a DMA channel."

Why DMA hangs computer???


OK, switching to PIO didn't do the trick...
I am open for another ideas.


Disable the AutoRun for both Drives.

Already did :)


OK. The solution:

Do not use "detailed" view in explorer, especialy in "My computer" folder. If you do, after inserting CD/DVD Windows will try to check the information on inserted medium to display it. ... :)

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