My comp freezes when I start a game. For instance when I open quake I can choose options and what kind of game I want to play but then when I load it up it usually freezes as soon as it's done loading.

I got an 810lr motherboard with pc133 ram.
20g hard drive
xp 2000+ cpu
geforce4 ti4200 64ddr
sound blaster audigy
16x10x40x cd burner
Windows XP home
All drivers upgraded and downgraded and everything in between I've tried every single combination of drivers that exist accept ones for the 810lr motherboard which I never did need in the first place to run games and that don't exist because the board has no support whatsoever. That's right....I said upgraded...upgraded...upgraded...

Games DID use to work when I set this up but now I don't understand...I put the computer together myself. Worked fine for about 7 months. Someone gimme some help please and if you tell me to upgrade my drivers I WILL crucify you :)

I suggest you upgrade your drivers... :P

Have you got the latest DirectX 9 thingies? It'll install generic ones if it has too.

You are not the first to have problems like this and I know it can be upsetting. Finding a problem like this can be at best hard. However, you should try replacing your memory. I have found that cheap memory can cause a lot of problem with a gamer's PC. If that does not work I will readdress the issue.

Take it from a person who has gone through this same problem...

In most cases, a problem like this indicates that the display card driver has been loaded, but the motherboard chipset drivers have not been.

Sometimes installing the motherboard chipset driver can fix it, but quite often it won't, as the motherboard chipset drivers should ideally be the first ones installed. In that event, a format and fresh install is the best way to go!