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:'( Whenever I try to play a windows media player file off the internet it says it could not find it, even though I KNOW the link is working. any suggestions? anyone know how to uninstall media player?!?! ??? thanks. email me at <<edited out (due to remorse, becuase he would have been spamed by someone)>>

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In control panel, goto add/remove programs.
Click windows setup
find Windows Media Player and uncheck it
keep hitting next till the wizard finishes :-)

(to reinstall it, go back there, and check it)

Tekmaven, if you removed Mark's email address, how do you expect anyone to be able to contact him? There was a reason he posted it!

From now on, only edit posts which violate our terms of service. Thanks!

the problem in windows media player is commen,i think some error had occeared,dut u can solve this problem with out uninstalling media player by installing a new mediaplayer version so that new files of mediaplayer will replace old once and replace deleted file also

i accept u r idea but there is no need to untick previous ,other than that u can do reinstallation by a new version of windows media player -8,9,11,so it replaces all old files of mediaplayer,so that the problem will be solved

Hi, I'm so sorry to do this - but HOW do I start my own thread??!! I'm desparate......


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