hello friends,

i have purchasesd the follwoing hard ware
Intel G33FBU motherboard
Quard core 2.0 proccesor
3 X 1 gb ddr2 ram
160 GB sata HDD

On the above mentioned config i tried to install WinXP SP2 , it was installed fine with out any error.
Than i tried to install Windows 2000 server. which got installed , but when the OS started loading the systems hangs. and i tried to install it again but the same failure situation.

Than at last i tried installing windows 2003 standard edition. in this case i had seen a diff problem. after formatting the HDD and copying the files to the HDD, the setup gives a fatal error at the time when, 34 mins left to complete the installation, and its states,, installing devices, the setup stops and a blue screen comes up stating some errors

i tried to check the local vendor , he is not sure why is this happening.some friends told that the mother board is not comaptible to Server 2003.

i would like to have suggestions from you people and help me out from this.

please help

First things first, what I would try doing is installing a working os on this motherboard, and then updating the bios. There should be no reason why a motherboard wouldn't accept an operating system. Also the closest board I could find to yours on the intel site was DG33FB is this yours? You might want to contact intel to find out if there are any inherent problems with that motherboard.

Hrmm if the dg33fb is your board. This may help you.

If you do not plan to use this Desktop Board with Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, you will need to perform the steps below to avoid operating system failures:
1. Power on the system and press F2 to enter the system BIOS setup.
2. In the BIOS setup screen, press the arrow keys to scroll to the "Advanced" menu. Select the option for "Drive" and press Enter.
3. Select the option for "Configure SATA As", and change the entry to "IDE".
4. Press F10 to save changes and exit from the BIOS setup.

You may now begin installation of the operating system of your choice.

I'll continue looking for other things, as for your board the g33fbu I couldn't find anything. So I'm really hoping that you just got the name wrong.

I'll second the notion of configuring SATA as IDE in the BIOS. I saw this once before.

Hello Kalpesh, Welcome to DaniWeb !

Intel's G33 Chipset (Classical) series doesn't support Legacy version of Microsoft Windows.