there is this game called soldier front and its free

256 ram is minimum and 512 is for recomended and 64 megs of ram if the same and it only uses a p3 for minimum
Thats the system recuirments it a game for xp and vista but it isnt working on mine copy of vista any ideas

Windows Vista Home Premium is the edition that delivers more ease of use, security, and entertainment.

Its his first post lol also IT was irelevant

generally you add 600mb onto the spec if you want to run the game on vista with aero

but i dont have aero it isnt in my like package its a version that fits on a cd so it takes some stuff out so i dont know what to do

hope u r system configuration is enough to install vista,i think u installed vista in c drive and u cant play games in that ,it may be due to absence of enough graphics,so check it if u r meachine is added with minimum 128 graphics then u should try again,if u r nt willing to install games in vista then install windows xp in d drive,so u r system have 2 os

its a version that fits on a cd so it takes some stuff out

Is that a pirate?

I thaught all vista editions were DVD

well yea its pirate so thats prob the problem

its probably a pirate of a beta which explains why it sucks.

Buy a legal copy.

i am dude trust me its so good and i can get the OEM

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