now, you would think this as something simple, and maybe it is. but i cannot figure it out. i have tried this on three diffrent online sites with alot of diffrent images. i want to right click save an image (that works just fine) then upload it online. we'll use myspace as the example. i click upload image, browse and search for my picture. and vwala it doesnt exist. i've tried saving the image to my desktop and my pictures and i can open them in both places no problem. however as soon as i try to upload and browse they're no where to be found. i'm looking at it on my desktop and somehow it doesnt exist. gggrrr!! i've tried going through users, settings, just my desktop, etc. with no luck. i have all my hidden files and folders visible so, it's not that.

i searched for a solution through google briefly and i can't even find my problem. and i thought finding my torrent downloads was complicated!

any help would be great guys and gals, thank you in advance.

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When you click browse what folder is it looking in? Its probably not looking in the same folder where you saved the pictures. I save my pictures in <user account> --> Pictures folder, which is d:\Users\<User Account>\Pictures on my computer.


i'm the only user, and i've tried saving to the desktop, and to "my pictures" folder. and searched out both places in everyway i know about to find them. through just desktop, through users, desktop.. my pictures my documents. they somehow vanish. i've gone in through the properties of the pictures and made sure they're shared in at least 5 diffrent ways, but still no luck. thanks for trying tho, any other ideas?


is this vista you are using. here is a easy way to chek if u can upload creat a new txt file save to desk top then go to myspace and see if u can upload that txt file.

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