I really didnt know where to post this so please forgive me for it not being in the right place but I'm a P.S.P. freak and love to create art with photoshop and Paintshop I use many plug-ins that need special dll files. I've recently had to do a full system restore on my laptop and lost everything. I'm now only getting a little bit of what I've lost back and am having an issue with one of my plug-ins if someone can help me this would mean the world to me.
My filter unlimted 1 wont install it keeps telling me this

[*This is on the top of the box that pops up*]*
[16 bit windows subsystem]

[*this is what is in the box*]

C:\progra~1\Symantec\S32EVNT1.DLL. an installable virtual device driver failed Dll initialization. Choose close to terminate the application. I get this everytime I try to install the plug-in.
Filter unlimted 2 installed just fine and works great but can't get the first one to work can anyone help me please.
:* :)

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That's a Norton System Works file. My guess is the program hasn't been installed properly since the System restore. Try re-installing it.
I really don't like System Works at all, so my second suggestion is to just uninstall it and Use AVG Free.
You may need the Norton removal tool for this, and you can find it with a quick Google search.

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