I put the computer on standby last night and through the night it started these long beeps so I shut it down by turning it off ..now when I try to boot it just has these long beeps and blank screen
Thank you:(

i think you are a rough user of your computer,because you should understand that computer is also an electronic device like all other devices ,while keep on for a whole night it can even distroy your electronic circuits in side computer due to tramandus heat caused inside the cpu workingso now onwards please dont use computer roughlly like u did previous,now to solve this problem in your computer just remove your ram and reinsert again then switch onn computer then check the connectors of monitor and power cable of cpu,then try to switch onn your computer its working normally with a single beep during start up its ok other wise restart and change the bootsequence as cd rom ide1 ide1 than with a botable windows xp cd reinstall the entair operating system,by using computer foe a long period of time your os may be occured some errors or some files may be lost,

The beep codes have meaning, so please tell us the exact sequence of longs and/or shorts.
Some beep codes are listed here:

"while keep on for a whole night it can even distroy your electronic circuits in side..."
I didn't know that. My computers stay on for weeks at a time without any problems.

I did NOT leave my computer on all night. It goes on system standby after no activity after 30 minutes as well as the monitor. And by the way the problem was the cpu. I installed a new one and I have had no problem ever since.
Also I am not rough with my computers ...I take very good care of them.
Thanks any way

Thank you for your input. The beeps were long beeps that just kept on beeping. Not steady but never ending unless I shut the computer down.
Thanks for your help and support on whats his names mention that I was rough on my computer

You're welcome.
I've come to the conclusion that people who don't know how to use capital letters or punctuation can be safely ignored. If they can't master this simple process, how can they know anything about computers?