Hi all

I have beenhaving a bit of an issue which i have posted on awrong thread as it was abut DVD Burning Issues. OK here goes....

I have been looking into the threads but can not find any proper solution for my problem. I am wanting to write my home videos on DVD but It wont do it. I have a dvd writer on PC, the file i wanted to put onto dvd was 900 mb on PC. Just cos the size of the file i had to use a dvd. Now i used Nero Express to write on a DVD. but Nero says that the file is too large as it shows the file to be more than 5gb which it definitely isnt as it is 900 mb video file but it is 2.5 hrs long video. Is nero estimating the size of the video by the length..thats the only thing i could possibly think of as i have only a 1gb sd card to go in my camcorder. What I can do to get this video on to my DVD-r. Really annoying as I am using the back up feature to put em onto dvd but not sure whether it ll play those files on my dvd player in the living room...

When using the back up option it dos show the file to be 900mb for some strange reason but if i was to write it on a normal dvd as a video file it shows up larger than 5gb? why is this? I juss hope anyone of u guys help me out here as i m outta guesses. If thats the case can anyone of you sugest me some good dvd writing softwares which might be available for free.

Hope that this information will make it clear for ya all.


are you just copying the file to the dvd?
are you burning it as a movie to the dvd?

It wont let me copy the files to the dvd at all, I was looking to make it as a data dvd if nothing else but the option of creating a Data DVD is not available for me to use on it. I really wanted to use that option as a matter of fact but it wont allow me to have that option.

Any suggestions. My DVD write wont write DVDs using XP's drag n Drop option but can do it with CDs though.

SO here u go.


i might be wrong, but drag and drop only works with DVD RW+- as for doing it inside of nero, you should be able to accomplish this, maybe a feature is turned off in nero or nero is not detecting you dvd drive

Oh no it detects the DVD drive alright cos it did let me do a back up DVD for the same files but obviously that didnt work in my dvd player. It sees the dvd drive and also the DVD r in it but just wont let me write a data dvd for the files.


I don't know if you have checked this first, but Nero has CD and DVD options. Before you start buring DVD, make sure you are under DVD option.

i have used it for a dvd but it wont give an option to write a data dvd. Thats what i have been wanting to do for many days on this darn pc. Anyways keep your suggestions comin


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