hey guys

(hope my thread is in the rite place)
Im in an ancient environment while troubleshooting,hope that someone can provide some expert knowledge.

I have a computer running windows 2000(Ill call it=(A)) connected to a second win2000(Ill call it (B)) computer that is connected to a laserjet 4plus printer(you with me:-/ ).The method was used for quite a number of years as you can imagine.But now I had trouble printing from computer(A),However I can print from printer (B).I figured that Ill delete the print driver and reinstall it but while the printer driver is installing it stops with the following massage: Operation could not be completed

Im working on a tight schedule and would appreciate any info to try.
Thanx by far


What does it say when you tried to print? was it saying "failed to connect"? or some other error. Or was it simply not printing anything. On PC A could you see the printer as the primary printer before you uninstalled the drivers.


It didn't say anything on A,no errors,no freeze- nothing-strange enough I did notice the printer goes off-line when printing from A.

Are you sure the physical connection to the printer is stable? could that be the case? but then again pc A should at least let you install printer drivers. Have u tried downloading em from the website and trying from there. That way you would have the latest ones which are fully upto date.


there is connection cos the drivers is on machine B and im installing from A.I did some research,it looks like the problem is software based.theres some things Im gonna try as soon as Im going on-site-will keep you up to date-cool