Well this is my first time here and I'm much interested in your topics and it helps me a lot. It give me joy, fun and helps me on my interest. More power to this site. One thing I have a problem on putting up a web home server and can you help me on how to configure and tell me what are the needs in putting up my webserver at home and all my families, friends and others can view my site as to example(http://dfgraphixdesign.info/ ): I have PC installed windows xp and I planned to install windows server 2003..I have also PROLINK ADSL2+Modem/Router it is possible to use this and my internet connection dsl 512kbps. I have also installed apache server, I programmed in php and my database is mysql. can you help me n how to put up home web server so that the http://localhost/ can be http://dfgraphixdesign.info/ and what are the needs to purchase in putting up all of this?and the cost?Please help...thank you.. and more power to this site...

You have to buy (actually, rent) the domain name from InterNIC. It costs $70 to register for the first 2 years, and $35 a year after that.

But you have to first check that your proposed name is not already taken.

Then you have to make arrangements with your ISP to do this. This may incur another fee. You might have to change to another ISP, depending on their capabilities.

Geocities offers all of this in a package for a monthly fee. But the server is on their computer, not yours.