Hi Guys I have an intranet setup available in our internal network via internal IP address and that is also available externally via a URL which is mapped to a public ip address. The problem is that I cannot access the external ip address (and hence also the url) from inside the network (admins cant change this) which means I staff need to remember an ip address and a url depending on where they are to access the intranet which is far from ideal.
The dns servers we are currently using are provided for us by our isp, can anyone tell me how I can make it so that I can access the domain from both inside and outside the network. The intranet is sharepoint hosted on a windows 2003 server, and Im assuming there must be someway to do this by setting up dns and adding a manual zone entry but Im not familiar with this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Modifying the hosts file is not an option as most of the users are on apple macs which don’t have one.

you have to make sure whether the fully qualified domain name of the website and its IP address is registered in the ISP's DNS Server database or not.

By the way what error messege do you get when you type the website address in the address bar of the web browser?