I am a systems admin in a company and i have been assigned a new project to network the new office.
I dont have any previous experience in setting up a
VLAN,so would like to get help and inputs from you. let
me explain the setup.
There are around 30 rooms, and in each room the LAN
points are patched to a rack .. so 30 racks..the back bone
is a fiber channel from each rack to the server room..
I have to start from scratch .. The prerequisites are..
Different departments with different access controls,Voip
phones on POE.. bandwidth management.
Now the first thing is to setup the VLAN. which am a bit
confused about..
Hardware-- Can i use a combination of Layer -3 and
Layer 2 Managed switches
How will the ip addressing be , can i use a single range in
whole networks or should it be 30 different subnets?
what about access lists.. if any one has time to explain
this :) i would be great full.. Thanks

Man, that's quite a project.

I don't mean to sound snide, but how did you get to be the admin for a company with such complicated networks if you don't know how to do this? I'd have to do a fair bit of research too, but I'm not currently running a comparable office.

A professional grade wireless switch should be able to connect directly to another and it should show up in the network just like they were directly daisy-chained. It would probably be a matter of configuration in your primary switches.

If you have primary firewalls before the switches you could interface the two using PPT, but I don't know if this would cause a problem with complex networking between the two offices.

As far as the IPs, I'd you need to use different IP ranges, but don't need to be different subnets (I don't think) you don't want an overlap because you might wind up with an IP conflict but you can have one office have the range, and the other with the other with the range (or probably better to do and and then each room will have a range of that (this part isn't necessary but will probably make things easier)