Dear Tech Gurus,
I installed a new Netgear DG834G Wifi Router router for my BSNL connection.
Followed all the setup guidelines available on the forum. But there are some strange problems that I am facing.

* The internet led is green
* I can ping sites from command prompt
* As soon as i click on TEST - under basic settings. the internet led switches off
* But if i try to see connection status from router status page, i can see its connected and DNS etc. available.
* Even my skype logged in
* But as soon as i open a browser and try to connect to the interner I am directed to the netgear wizard setup page.

I have tried all forums and help availbale. But i guess no one else is facing the same problem. :'(

Can someone please help.

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Well it's going to kick you to the setup page because it's a new install of a wireless router. It assumes that immediately upon installation you want to configure your new wireless network. I'd just follow the on page setup instructions and you'll be on your way.

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