I have 2 locations that are connected via T1 connection using a Verilink Wansuite 5160 on both ends. Suddenly after a week of working perfectly with no problems all internal networking went down on an off site location. I was still able to access their Wansuite via their IP address so I decided that I would try and upload an old configuration to hope possibly fix the problem but, of course, that caused a whole new problem. Absolutely no connectivity what so ever at this off site location.

So my immediate reaction was to go to this place and reset the IP address using their IPwiz.exe tool. I did so but then I was unable to access the web browser interface tool via a laptop that I had used to reset it.

My question is what could I possibly do to bring it back to at least partial network connectivity. Before it was getting regular internet access but no INTRANET access.

Should I take it down and bring it back to the first location: From there restore it back to before I made the initial mess up?

Should I try and reset the IP address and try and connect to it while at the off site location? Then try and upload the previous settings via a Flash Drive?

Honestly I'm at a loss. I'm new at IT and the person that has many years beyond me that I usually go to for help has no idea what to try... I'm in desperate need of help being that the off site location is still up and running but with no connectivity what so ever.

Please, any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you


I actually ended up having to assign that IP address to a new Verilink Wansuite that we had sitting in the office as a backup.

Everything looked beautiful upstairs but somehow the office right below lost all connection. I deduced that the connection problem wasn't from the gateway or the computer itself but from the cable and the small switch inbetween so that soon will be my next project.

Thank you