Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me out with the following problem regarding p2p: My internet downloads are quite good (15 kbps)but when someone is uploading from me, their levels are very slow (0.1 to 3 kbps)and then their uploads fail and the pc becomes very slow too. I also have the same problem when sending email attachments through Outlook Express and Hotmail (i.e mp3s), it uploads for about 20 mins or so depending on the size of the file and then an error message comes up on screen. I would be grateful if someone can help me rectify the problem.

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Upload/download speeds depend on the type of Interenet connection/service you have, and they are often not equivalent.

For example, most DSL users have the ADSL "flavor" of DSL; the "A" stands for Asynchronous, meaning that the download speed to your computer will be higher (usually significantly higher) than upload speed from your computer.
The rates for a typical ADSL connection could be something like 768-1.5Mbps for the download speed, but perhaps as low as 128Mbps for the upload speed.
Given that, you probably are going to have problems if a lot of files, or large files, are being sucked from your computer.

...and then an error message comes up on screen

What's the exact error message?

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