I've heard that President Obama might appoint a cabinet-level CIO--does that sound right to you? I think it's a good idea but shouldn't that be part of Homeland Security instead of its own post? This president is the first president we've ever had who is truly a technology user. I don't think it's necessarily his age--Kennedy was younger but it's the time in which we live.

A CIO position in the White House would certainly have the President's attention--attention to issues like upgrading our power grid to support computing resources, job loss due to offshoring, and Internet security. My assumption is that this would be a high profile advisory position and one who'd make periodic public appearances and speak on the President's behalf in related matters.

Should this position actually come to reality, I'd like to see a younger person--someone forward-thinking and not some stodgy old fart like me in there. We need someone who's into technology and who's aware of the problems that face this country in the IT sector.

What we don't need is a politician or other suited wise guy from the high-level corporate ranks. No Ebbers, Jobs, Wozniaks, Ellisons,
Ballmers, Gates, or that ilk. We need a fresh perspective--isn't that why we chose Obama in the first place--because we don't want any more old school rhetoric and politics as usual.

What do you think of a federal CIO position--good idea or bad idea?