Hello there. I would like to ask some suggestions guys for my Senior year project. Im thinking about doing something regarding networking. Heres' the scenario:

Our school library has a Wi-fi connection and students can access the internet once they register and get a card from the librarian. The card contains the password for the Wi-fi connection in order for you to connect to the internet. Now, some students who regularly use the Wi-Fi connection does not anymore register since they already have memorized the password. Here comes my Senior project idea..

I'm thinking about a doing a software that would detect whether a student has registered his laptop in order for him to connect to the internet.I'm thinking about registering and detecting their I.P addresses or MAC address. If for example the software has detected that you are not registered you cannot connect to the internet...I hope you guys get my point.

Now I would like to ask for some help or suggestions about how to do this. Where should I start? Is this topic feasible? I would like to hear from you guys..Thanks

Yes, that is a good idea.

What you would need to do is have some sort of login arrangement. So the students would go to the librarian and then have their account unlocked so they are able to access the network. Then at the end of each day, all accounts are locked.

Or, you could do a mac address arrangement, which would be a little bit more complicated.

I hope this helps.