Hello all. I have a question about internet sharing. I have a wireless broandband Isp which connects to my dlink switch. I have 2 computers (WINXP Pro on both). But we cannot play the same multiplayer internet game (ex. BF1942) online at the same time. I am assuming it is because of the ports that the game uses can only be used by 1 computer. Is there any hardware or software setup that I can use? Web browsing works on both computers fine anytime, and 1 computer can play online by itself.

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I'm no expert in networking, but I'll endeavour to solve your problem.

First, some clarifications on your hardware setup.

  • A wireless broadband isp? Do you have some kind of wireless access point to connect or a special modem?
  • Is the dlink "switch" some kind of all-in-one setup? What model is it?
  • Do both PCs connect to the "switch"? Cable or wireless?

Next, the network itself.

  • How do the PCs connect to the network? Are they assigned IP addresses? Do you manually set them?
  • What are the assigned IP addresses? What are the gateway entries? Is the gateway address the address of the "switch"?
  • What happens exactly when you both try to connect to the same multiplayer games?
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