I have a new Network Everywhere router, product NR041. After doing many speed tests on my computer and coming up with just over 1 Mbps speeds, I decided to check the other PC speed, and was astounded to find it was above 4Mbps. Is there any possible way to even the speeds out? By the way, this PC (slower) is in port 2 of 4, the faster one is in port 1. Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

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Unless the router is broken or has a bug it shouldn't matter which port you use. To confirm this swap the two pc's and run the speed tests again, I suspect the faster machine will still be the faster machine.

I would check things like NIC speed and duplex, and MTU size in the NIC properties of the pc's. Maybe someone else has a more definitive answer on this one?


Yea, the slower speed PC is brand new with an nForce nic card. I switched the cords and the issue is in the router. Whichever PC is in slot 1 gets the higher speed. It's not a big problem, as the other PC is for my sister and she just chats and surfs, while I play online games and sometimes host FTP servers. I'm just curious now to if there's a way to regulate the speed to distribute evenly, if ever needed.


Assuming you switched the cables at the router end and tried them in different ports, you should then know if you need to address the router configuration, which should be available through the web according to the instruction manual. For example, do ports 3 and 4 exhibit the same characteristics?

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Well after a day of messing around with it, i figured out that my pc is slow no matter which port it is in. At first, it had the 4mbps as well as the other when i switched its ports, but now no matter what port it is in, it hangs around 1.2mbps. Is there any way I can find out why my PC isnt getting the full speed it should be? The other pc is getting the 4mpbs no matter which port it's in. The NIC card is an NVIDIA nForce network controller, and im not sure what's in the other one, but it is an HP Pavilion 513n. Also, both PCs have XP home sp2.


Just wanted to leave an update and report that the PC is still only getting about 1200Kbps. I have tried just about everything I can think of to resolve the solution, but my speed remains the same. Any ideas???

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