Im at my in-laws for the week, and connected to their internet, which is working just fine with their laptops, i checked to make sure the password was right, it connected just fine then it wont load any sites, its like its working in off-line mode but its not. IE or firefox wont work. I saw that someone suggested using the resetlog.txt trick and my computer says that there is nothing found by that name. iv got malwarebytes running on my computer so i dont think its hijacked. i just ran recovery on it last week too. any help?

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Are you using broadband cable modem? What kind of router do you have and what kind of modem do you have? Are you using proxy servers?

This is assuming you aren't using a proxy server. Go to internet explorer > tools > internet options > connections.

Verify never dial a connection is selected. Click LAN settings. Nothing in there should be checked.

If that looks ok, try rebooting the PC.

You can also try going to a command prompt, and type in ipconfig /flushdns although if programs work across the internet and it's just the browser that isn't working it might not help.

If the connection appears to be spotty, it may also be a bad wire or NIC card.

also try at command prompt : net stop dnscache, you will have to do it everytime you restart

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