I have a number of problems trying to sort out a home network of two desktops one running Vista Home Premium another running XP Pro. There are also three laptops: two running XP Pro and one running Windows 7 64bit.

All five PCs can access the Internet this is via a Belkin switch connected to a BT Hub. They are all using a Workgroup and have the same name "mshome" They are all visible to each other. The three laptops are connected wirelessly. I have set permissions on a large Pictures file on the Vista desktop so that everyone can share it.

The shared folder can be accessed from the desktop PC but from the the two XP laptops to access the Vista desktop PC can only be done by logging in. The Windows 7 laptop shows the Users folder on the Vista desktop PC but the folder is empty. This is wrong as there are five users. Although printing can be done from the two XP laptops it cannot be done from the Windows 7 PC.

All the PCs are up to date and the Windows 7 PC has Service Pack 1 installed. I am wondering since the XP desktop, which has the printer attached to it, can access the Pictures folder on the Vista desktop that the problem is something to do with wireless security permissions.



I have Windows Firewall and AVG on all PCs