I'm home from winter break. I am working and I do have an internship, but I'd like to apply myself as much as I can since it's my senior year and I really want to get a good job. So my questions are: Is it worth it to pursue the CCENT/CCNA certificates? Do employers care? How long does it take to study before you're ready to pass the exam? Thanks in advance.

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Some employers still do care about these certification, but not as much as they did back in the early 2000s. Certification has never been the same after the certification craze occurred where many people just cheated and passed exams without any experience. I still think certification adds value, especially if in the process, you really learn and acquire additional skills.

If your plan is just to have a piece of paper or add another line item in your resume, I wouldn't bother. During an interview, it will be evident whether or not you know what you are talking about.

Preparing for the CCNA should only take a few weeks. You can buy a CCNA study guide, books, and a simulator.

Good luck.

I'm a CCNP Certified professional. Initially I had done CCNA, when I entered my job and then a couple of years later, they sent me for the CCNP. It helpd me get a promotion and a raise ;) Ofcourse, the experience matters as well.

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