Am setting up a remote access server in an environment that includes a DellConnect 2824. This office was 'given' this device, no documentation.


1) I have downloaded the manual and read it, but have not been able to access the device to get into the management. Am planning to use the web interface. Any advice on specific port(s) to use, IP discovery, etc? It does appear some port(s) are disabled so this is in managed mode of some sort.

2) I am not finding references to UPnP in the manual and am hoping that works (as it is easier for this application setup). Can that be enabled?

I haven't used one of these before, so any help is appreciated.

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Hello dear,
I know your Problem , i face this type of Problem on my Dell Laptop. so after some days i shortout my problem for the Technical Support for remotely. In fact this type of device problem are short out fastly . may be One time you have to try this.


In doing further work with this device after posting, I found the manage switch was broken so I could not reset and reprogram it, Closed.

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