Hi all,

On a network of around 35 PCs and ~10 Printers etc we are having a very annoying issue whereby we keep losing internet connectivity. At first i thought it was a bandwidth problem as we are all on the same ADSL connection but the traffic graph suggests there should be plenty of spare bandwidth. When this loss of connectivity happens the router homepage is also inaccessible so i believe there is a problem with our LAN. I need some help/advice on how to pinpoint this issue as there is a lot of cable/NICs and a couple of switches etc. How can i pinpoint this problem?

The router has been recently changed and is a Draytek Vigor 2830 (the problem was around before the router change) so i believe the router itself is not the issue.

The problem is very intermittent and can happen 10 times a day or 20 times a day, or sometimes more. Just not sure where to start with this troubleshooting..... Its a place of work so i can't really start disconnecting people and testing to see if the problem goes.

Thanks in advance.

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Well, I would start at the router and work your way back until you find a group of computers that exhibit this issue. So, the next time this happens, plug a laptop directly into the LAN port of the router and see if you have internet access. If you dont, then the problem is the router. If you do, plug the switch back in to the router and start testing ports until you can determine the point on the network that is causing this issue.

thanks for your reply.

And i would go along this line of thinking and in fact i already replaced one router thinking this, however this is still happening with the new router.....This also still happens when i plug direct to router.

Could be my router firewall settings?

They were copied from the old router......In place to block the usual stuff: P2P, iplayer, facebook...

Try contacting your ISP's technical assistance telephone help line.
They can tell whether they can "see" your modem down the cable from their end, therefore they know whether alls well as far as the modem.

Unless the problem is with your PC or the website it's their responsibility to get it working to provide the service you are paying for.

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